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Whether you own a small shop or manage the largest shopping mall in your town, the condition of your parking lot tells your customers a great deal about your business. When potential customers drive by your area, they notice whether your lot is clean, freshly marked and appears to be in good repair. Once they decide to enter your lot, they will be able to view the overall condition of the lot in more detail while parking and while walking from their cars to your door. Customers do not want to dodge potholes or be splashed with water when someone drives through a puddle. If your parking lot is neglected, unsafe or unsightly, customers may have the perception that your merchandise may be of lesser quality or that you simply do not care about your clientele.

Retail – Making the Best First Impression

If you are having a new parking lot built to go with your new business, you should select an experienced, reputable contractor. Proper installation is critical to the longevity of any concrete or asphalt pavement. If your pavement is already in place, you should inspect it regularly and have any damages repaired promptly. Here are the most common procedures that retailers need for their parking lots.

• Repairs: Cracks, potholes and other breaks in the pavement should not be neglected. The damage will always worsen, and before you know it, you could be faced with the expense of replacing your pavement completely. Breaks in the pavement allow water to enter and erode the supporting foundation. If you have concrete pavement, the water can cause the rebar to rust, weakening the pavement’s integrity. If you have asphalt pavement, the water penetration can cause the pavement to subside, develop alligator cracking or become uneven due to ground heave from the freeze/thaw cycle.
• Asphalt Overlays: An overlay is a layer of new asphalt that is installed on top of existing pavement. The overlay will have approximately the same life and appearance as new pavement. However, since there is no need to remove the existing pavement, the savings can be substantial. For an overlay to be successful, the supporting foundation should be in decent condition.
• Pavement Markings: Parking lot striping and pavement markings enhance your property’s curb appeal. They can also make your parking lot safer for both drivers and pedestrians by defining parking spaces, crosswalks, no-parking areas, handicapped parking spaces and traffic patterns.
• Sealcoating: If you have asphalt pavement, having sealcoating professionally applied on a regular schedule can make your pavement last up to twice as long. Sealcoating forms a barrier to protect against damaging elements, including UV rays and automotive fluids. It also rejuvenates the color and smooths out surface imperfections to make your parking lot more attractive.

At NC Asphalt Paving, we provide a full range of paving services to retailers, including paving, overlays, repairs, sealcoating, pavement markings, speed bumps, car stops and traffic signs. We are committed to exceeding the customer’s expectations through exceptional workmanship, professional project management and superior customer service. If you would like to request a free quote, you can either submit the online form or call (336) 549-2258.

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