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The hotel industry has become increasingly competitive, leaving independent hoteliers as well as international chains looking for innovative ways to attract guests and keep them coming back. Some hotels have loyal guests who choose the same property whenever they are in town or who choose the same brand wherever they go. Hoteliers spend a great deal of time and money to identify what customers value the most so that they can offer guests an engaging experience.

One area on which hotels frequently focus is the appearance of the lobby and the cleanliness of the guest rooms. Hotel interiors are usually maintained properly; walls are painted as needed, floors are polished regularly and any damages are repaired promptly. On the exterior, however, some hoteliers are less concerned with the property’s curb appeal. They may keep landscaped areas neatly trimmed and remove any trash that is found, but many do not consider how important the condition of the parking lot is to their guests.

First Impressions Matter

The adage that you will never have a second chance to make a good first impression holds true for virtually all situations, but it can be critical for a hotel. Your parking lot generates the first impression that potential guests have of your hotel. A parking lot that is cracked, faded, potholed or otherwise damaged is less appealing. The guests may be concerned about damaging their vehicles, but the greatest concern is that the condition of the parking lot could indicate that the rest of the property has not been properly maintained. If they check in, guests may be hypercritical of everything else about the hotel, including the service, the quality of the food and the condition of the room. Conversely, if the parking lot is in great shape, guests will assume that the rest of the property will be in good condition, leaving them more relaxed and believing that their needs will be met with attentive efficiency.

Parking Lot Maintenance for Hotels

Professional maintenance is the key to a parking lot that will have a long life and look its best at all times. Here are the services that are the most important for hotels.

• Asphalt Sealcoating: If you have an asphalt parking lot, you need to maintain your sealcoating. Sealcoating restores color to faded asphalt, but it also protects the pavement and extends its life. Sealcoating blocks damaging UV rays and protects against automotive fluids and other chemicals that can harm the pavement.
• Crack Filling: Cracks are unsightly, but they can also lead to the premature demise of your pavement. Water can enter through the breaks and damage the foundation that supports the pavement, compromising the integrity of the pavement.
• Asphalt Overlays: There are times when an aging pavement needs more than just crack filling. If the foundation is stable, it may be possible to lay a course of asphalt over the existing pavement. When properly maintained, an overlay will look just like new pavement and have a similar life.
• Parking Lot Markings: Crisp, clear markings help make a parking lot safer as well as more attractive. When parking spaces are clearly defined, the possibility of “door dings” is reduced. Pavement markings that show the direction of travel, route drivers to the exits or define pedestrian crosswalks reduce confusion. You may also need pavement markings to make your parking lot ADA-compliant or meet local ordinances for clearly marked fire lanes.

At NC Asphalt Paving, we have helped many hoteliers with all of their paving needs. We are a full-service paving company with an exceptional reputation for providing superior workmanship at competitive rates. Whether you need asphalt paving or overlays, crack repair, asphalt milling, sealcoating, pavement markings, speed bumps or another pavement-related service, we can help. For your free quote, submit our convenient online form or give us a call at (336) 549-2258.

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